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We do for you, based on your criteria, We search for candidates to meet your permanent staffing needs. We’ll find the perfect match for you!


We meet your temporary staffing needs, for example in the case of the unexpected absence of a member of your team, for replacements related to maternity or sick leave.

Note that for our two hiring solutions, the following steps are required for all candidates:

  • Telephone screening
  • Interview with a human resources agent
  • Criminal history validation
  • Reference validation

Our team assist help you


Good communication

Adapted submission of applications

Flexible schedule

Good relationship



Our mobile app allows you an easy schedule management, at the tip of your fingers! Acceptance of shifts can be done both by text message and through the online portal.
Our mobile app is the most efficient solution to make your life easier.

In addition…

  • Whether you have an atypical schedule, rotating every other week, whether you are a single parent, retired or in school, whether you want to have a lighter or tailor-made schedule, Agence Santé Qc can undoubtedly help you. When we’re talking work-family-studies balance, we know what we’re doing!
  • We offer bonuses up to 1000$ monthly to the best employees.



Our Facebook page Q & A 

Following an article published recently in La Presse and to follow-up on the large number of questions we received related to the operation of our agency, here are some clarifications we thought relevant to communicate to you.

Question #1: Does ASQC hire illegal workers? (without official documents)
Answer: No, all our employees have a valid SIN and comply to the mandatory requirements and standards in place for all workers in Quebec.

Question #2: Does ASQC take advantage of the present situation (COVID-19) to make money?
Answer: No, we comply to all standards we comply with the standards set out in the order departmental and all our activities are therefore supervised based on this order since May 2020.

Question #3: Is ASQC a real company or a virtual agency?
Answer: Yes, we are a real company and our offices are located at 2259 avenue Bourgogne in Chambly, Québec, J3L 1Z9 and we can be reached at 438-988-2772.

Question #4: Is ASQC doing poaching?
Answer: No, our employees are hired through our hiring process and have to browse through the different job platform where we post all our job offers.

Question #5: Does ASQC have a licence delivered by CNESST for its operations?
Answer: Yes, we have a licence from CNESST in due form as required by law depuis janvier 2020.

Question #6: Is ASQC hiring professionals that don’t have a valide licence to practice?
Answer: No, through our hiring process, we make sure to verifiy the validity of a licence to practice of the candidate, a step without which we cannot hire personnel.

Question #7: Does ASQC allow its employees to work for different institutions at the same time?
Answer: No, the agency complies with the emergency health measures
issued by the government, we can therefore certify that the employees employees are assigned to a single work place and that they will remain there until the measures are lifted.

For more information or for any question you may have, you can contact us at 438-988-2772 or by email at: